Based on a decision of the LWVUS Board, a Redistricting Task Force will be appointed to:

  1. Review the various methods and criteria that have been used in the states and the positions of state Leagues on redistricting;
  2. Consider how well the methods and criteria have worked;
  3. Develop materials to educate Leagues and communities; and
  4. Make recommendations on next steps.

In 2020 there will be another census and consequently another redistricting. The League needs to be ready for these events and now is not too early to start. The League needs to be a more effective force on this issue. For additional details on this issue, read this paper on League Work on Redistricting and Apportionment.

The members of the Redistricting Task Force are as follows:

Chris Carson (LWVUS Board) Chair, LWVUS Redistricting Task Force
Deborah Asberry (Indiana)
Sara Fitzgerald (Virginia)
Linnea Hirst (Washington)
Helen Hutchison (California)
Pat Jensen (Iowa)
Barbara Klein (Oregon)
Nancy Marashio (New Hampshire)
Laura Wang, (Minnesota)
Margo Waring (Alaska)
Dianne Wheatley-Giliotti (Florida)



Application for redistricting task force

Where do we find the application for the redistricting task force?

Helen Hutchison

LWV California

Helen Hutchison

LWV California


Redistricting Task Force application

This was the link imbedded in Toni's announcement:

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
former LWVUS Board Member
former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
former LWVUS Board Technology Chair
Portland, OR

Kim Abel

Forum/Caucus on this at Convention


How fabulous!  In Washington State we have been looking at this issue and I'm sure some members of our group will apply for this.


In the meantime, we were also working on the language to propose a caucus on this topic for Convention this summer.  Is National going to have something we can shirttail onto or should we go ahead and propose something?



Kim Abel, President

LWV Washington (the great state of)

Redistricting task force

Can anyone tell me when the members of the task force are going to be chosen, and/or announced?

Barbara Klein


redistricting task force

Has anyone replied to Barbara?

Helen Hutchison

LWV California

Redistricting Task Force

Barbara, The deadline for sending application to serve on the Redictricting Task Force was April 1.  On May 5 the selection committee will meet by conference call to select the members of the task force.  The LWVUS Board meets the next week, at which time the members of the task force will be approved.

Toni Larson

Redistricting Task Force

Toni's note says applications must be submitted by April 1. Is the application period closed for this Task Force?

Update on Redistricting Task Force

I am trying to update the LWVDE website with reference to information on the status of the three studies adopted at Convention 2014.  I can't find anything on the redistricting task force that is more current than 49 weeks ago and there is nothing of substance.

Is there anything on the site with substantive information on this study? If so, where???

Thank you in advance for your help.

Redistricting Task Force


There is no study of redistricting going on.  The Task Force was convened to assist LWVUS in assessing what might be needed and develop materials for Leagues to use.  There will be a presentation at Leadership Council summarizing what is already happening and what material exists to be used.  More material will be ready for a redistricting webpage to go live at the time of Council. 

It was annouced in Leaders Update that the Task Force has recommeneded that there be no national study on redistricting.  We have a basic national position and many state positions which the TF feels can be used to create a position via concurrence.  The TF feels very strongly that we can't talk until 2018.  Given the upcoming round of redistricting in 2020, we need a position for states to use in 2016.  And many state Leagues are working right now on reform using their own positions or the basic LWVUS position. 

Chris Carson, LWVUS Board

Chair, Redistricting Task Force