Talking Points on First Woman Nominee for President of Major Political Party

The below talking points were developed following a lively and frank conversation at the 52nd LWVUS national convention about the League commenting on the historic milestone of the first woman nominated as the presidential candidate for a major political party. Please use the below talking points if asked. Questions may be directed to Maggie Bush at

Facebook Posting Guide for Local & State Leagues

Facebook is a way to communicate with our members and the public at large. Through a Facebook page, you can engage the public to becoming more involved with your League, and move them up the ladder of engagement.

Direct Marketing Schedule FY 2016-2017

The LWVUS Development Office is pleased to share with you the FY 2016-17 LWVUS/Education Fund Direct Marketing schedule for direct mail and telemarketing. Download the schedule and share it with your Development chairs to assist planning for your League's fundraising activities.