Americans deserve election systems that are free, fair and accessible for all eligible voters. The League works to modernize and streamline the voting process, promote transparent and accountable redistricting, and make it easier for all eligible citizens to participate in elections.

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  • New and Updated LWVUS Positions Adopted in 2016
    LWVUS Board and Convention adopted the following positions during the last biennium (2014-2016). Positions on the constitutional amendment process and an update of the Leagues money in politics position were adopted after careful study and consideration by Leagues across the country. Two positions covering redistricting and behavioral health were adopted by consensus at the LWVUS 2016 convention.

About the Redistricting Task Force

The LWVUS Redistricting Task Force (RTF) was appointed to assist LWVUS in assessing what might be needed and develop materials for Leagues to use in redistricting efforts across the country.

Voting Rights Act Turns 50 – Congress Must Restore Its Protections

Download the attached letter to the editor template to use to spread the word about the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and the need for Congress to act. Congress currently has before it various proposals, but there’s been no action, no legislation passed.