In addition to building on the collaborative strengths to tackle democracy’s needs that come from this great national gathering of League leaders, Convention is a business meeting. Our bylaws govern how the League elects officers and directors, updates our bylaws and adopts the program and budget for the coming biennium. This section of the website will offer additional helpful tools, such as the Program Planning Guide to assist you. The number of delegates a League is entitled to is determined by its membership count as of January 31, 2014.

Elections & Nominations Processes

The following two sections can be downloaded as a single document: Process for Election of LWVUS officers, Directors and Nominating Committee and Nominating Committee Process


Proposed 2014-2016 LWVUS Program

The following information is included in the Proposed 2014–2016 LWVUS Program section: the program adoption process, recommendations in brief, not-recommended items eligible for consideration and adoption, tips for effective involvement in program adoption, campaigning for a program item, program adoption at a glance, proposed program for 2014–2016, list of not-recommended items and a summary of LWVUS public policy positions.