Information from Past Events

Convention Schedule

The schedule for Friday, June 6; Saturday, June 7; Sunday, June 8; Monday, June 9 and Tuesday June 10

General Information

Information about Badges, Vote Cards, Plenary Seating, Hotel, Communications, Events, Daily Reports and the Information table.

Convention 2014 At A Glance Schedule

A quick guide to the events at 2014's Convention in Dallas, TX. A PDF version in available for downlaod at the bottom of this page. This schedule is subject to change.

2014 Convention Workbook & Program

The 2014 Convention Workbook & Program is available as a single PDF file for download. It can also be downloaded as a series of individual sections based on content.

Convention Rules and Procedures

At the opening plenary, a motion to adopt the rules will be made and amemdements may be offered. The rules, as proposed or amended, require a twothirds vote for adoption. To suspend a rule at a later time requires a two-thirds vote.

Elections & Nominations Processes

The following two sections can be downloaded as a single document: Process for Election of LWVUS officers, Directors and Nominating Committee and Nominating Committee Process


Proposed 2014-2016 LWVUS Program

The following information is included in the Proposed 2014–2016 LWVUS Program section: the program adoption process, recommendations in brief, not-recommended items eligible for consideration and adoption, tips for effective involvement in program adoption, campaigning for a program item, program adoption at a glance, proposed program for 2014–2016, list of not-recommended items and a summary of LWVUS public policy positions.

Proposed LWVUS and LWVEF Budgets for The 2014-2016 Biennium

This section contains a downloadable PDF covering budget highlights, budget basics, budget preparation, basis of presentation, LWVUS proposed budget for 2014–2016 biennium by line item, LWVUS proposed budget for 2014–2016 biennium by functional area, LWVEF proposed budget for 2014–2016 biennium by line item, LWVEF proposed budget for 2014–2016 biennium by functional area, combined LWVUS and LWVEF summary of proposed budget for 2014–2016 biennium and combined LWVUS, LWVEF summary of transfers from reserves and  LWVUS and LWVEF Staffing Chart.