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Convention Schedule

The schedule for Friday, June 6; Saturday, June 7; Sunday, June 8; Monday, June 9 and Tuesday June 10

General Information

Information about Badges, Vote Cards, Plenary Seating, Hotel, Communications, Events, Daily Reports and the Information table.

Convention 2014 At A Glance Schedule

A quick guide to the events at 2014's Convention in Dallas, TX. A PDF version in available for downlaod at the bottom of this page. This schedule is subject to change.

2014 Convention Workbook & Program

The 2014 Convention Workbook & Program is available as a single PDF file for download. It can also be downloaded as a series of individual sections based on content.

Convention Rules and Procedures

At the opening plenary, a motion to adopt the rules will be made and amemdements may be offered. The rules, as proposed or amended, require a twothirds vote for adoption. To suspend a rule at a later time requires a two-thirds vote.

Elections & Nominations Processes

The following two sections can be downloaded as a single document: Process for Election of LWVUS officers, Directors and Nominating Committee and Nominating Committee Process