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Talking Points on First Woman Nominee for President of Major Political Party

The below talking points were developed following a lively and frank conversation at the 52nd LWVUS national convention about the League commenting on the historic milestone of the first woman nominated as the presidential candidate for a major political party. Please use the below talking points if asked. Questions may be directed to Maggie Bush at mbush@lwv.org.

League Sets Sights on Voter Turnout, Diversified Electorate

Please use this press release template to bring attention to the League's 96th anniversary with local and state media. Be sure to customize the statement to focus on the impact your League's work and accomplishments and members and supporters have had and will continue to have during this important election year.

Voting Rights Act Turns 50 – Congress Must Restore Its Protections

Download the attached letter to the editor template to use to spread the word about the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and the need for Congress to act. Congress currently has before it various proposals, but there’s been no action, no legislation passed.