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Facebook Posting Guide for Local & State Leagues

Facebook is a way to communicate with our members and the public at large. Through a Facebook page, you can engage the public to becoming more involved with your League, and move them up the ladder of engagement.

Twitter Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheet to help you demystify Twitter and learn Twitter best practices!

Twitter Guide for State and Local Leagues

Through your Twitter feed, you can share all of the wonderful work you are doing, elevate the work of other Leagues who are on Twitter, and form relationships with others working on the same issues as the League.

Online Communications Resources

There exists a wealth of blogs and resources on best practices in social media and online communications. Here are some that we recommend for tips on blast emails, social media, blogging and more!

League Sets Sights on Voter Turnout, Diversified Electorate

Please use this press release template to bring attention to the League's 96th anniversary with local and state media. Be sure to customize the statement to focus on the impact your League's work and accomplishments and members and supporters have had and will continue to have during this important election year.