The Managing Your League section was created to consolidated the tools and resources of the “business” side of running a League under one heading. Need to know about managing your member roster or how to run a successfully Board of Directors meeting,, or even need information on best practices and guidelines for the maintaining an online presence (website and/or Social Media) for your League? All the related tools and resource are available in this section.

Forums in a Box Toolkits

These companion toolkits created by the LWV of Maine are great resources for Leagues to better foster relationships with other community groups (including LWV members-at-large) and to strengthen our impact as an organization. They can be modified or adapted to fit the needs of your League.

94th Anniversary Template

Please use this press template to bring attention to the League's 94th anniversary and the importance of passing the Voting Rights Amendment Act. Tailor it to fit the needs of your League.