The Managing Your League section was created to consolidated the tools and resources of the “business” side of running a League under one heading. Need to know about managing your member roster or how to run a successfully Board of Directors meeting,, or even need information on best practices and guidelines for the maintaining an online presence (website and/or Social Media) for your League? All the related tools and resource are available in this section.

VRA: Congress Must Act Template Letter to the Editor

Use this letter to the editor template to bring attention to the Supreme Court's devastating decision in the VRA case, Shelby County, Alabama v. Holder, and the need for Congress to act. Help educate your communities about the work that needs to be done to restore the VRA as we approach the legislation's 48th anniversary.

Suggestions for a Successful Board Orientation

A good orientation informs board members about the League, acquaints them with one another, and builds a sense of total board responsibility. New board members gain confidence in carrying out their responsibilities and learn policies and procedures expected of board members. It is a time for the board to begin to build their team as they get to know each other better. Local League boards may conduct their own orientation sessions, call on seasoned local League leaders to facilitate, request state League assistance, or in some states, participate in sessions planned on a regular schedule. Similarly, a state board can ask the national board for facilitator assistance. Alternatively, some Leagues hire consultants to present leadership development sessions or to facilitate discussions to restructure their boards or set priorities during board training or retreats.

Whatever the design, the board's basic orientation session should be scheduled as soon as possible after the new board is elected.

Fiscal and Compliance FAQs

As a League leader, you occasionally face questions about the rules that govern Leagues — what Leagues can do and what they can’t. We often receive similar questions at the national office. In order to shed light on the subject, we asked a lawyer specializing in nonprofits for detailed guidance. We combined the advice he gave us with information from IRS publications and other sources to produce a series of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ). We are including those FAQs that relate most directly to the work of membership and leadership development here.  Please feel free to share this document with other members of your board, including your treasurer. 

Starting a League in Your Community: Form and Checklist

If you are interested in forming a League in your community, you should contact your state League for more information. To start a League you must first be a member of the state League and operate a Unit in your area for a viable amount of time. Furthermore, there is a checklist here that lets you know what materials are needed to become a League.

Membership Brochure Label Template

Download the attached template and customize the information for your League. This template is meant to be used with Avery #6871.