Membership Growth in 2012: Highlighting the LWV of Duluth (MN)

2012 was a great year for the League of Women Voters in so many ways not the least of which was the huge success that so many Leagues had in growing their membership. LWVUS wanted to find out what Leagues have been doing to create this success, and we asked them to share some of the ideas and activities that are leading to such great growth. Our second League highlight is the LWV of Duluth, Minnesota.

Annual Meetings that Attract & Energize!

The annual meeting provides local Leagues with lots of opportunities to attract new members, engage the community, celebrate the League's accomplishments, and more. Learn how to make the most of the annual meeting for your League and your community!

Membership Growth Overview

All League leaders have a role to play in building and sustaining a strong membership base. The membership chair and the membership committee may be responsible for implementing the League's day-to-day recruitment and retention activities, but their success depends on everyone's participation. The following tips for membership growth should become an integral part of the League work.