Messaging for Impact

The messaging and communications slide deck used at National Council, 2015.

Putting Together a Local Action Plan Webinar

The LWVUS Program Planning and Support (PP&S) Committee webinar featuring LWVUS Advocacy Chair Chris Carson and state Leaders outlined the basics of creating a local action plan. The webinar was designed to help Leagues learn and review the basics for creating an advocacy campaign. 

New Voter Registration Training Webinars

Learn about the latest best practices and tips of the trade for voter registration in your community! Updated for 2015, these two webinar trainings include plenty of ideas for gaining visibility for your important elections work. Includes webinars on general voter registration best practices and a special presentation on high school voter registration. 

League Program 101

The LWVUS Program Planning and Support (PP&S) Chair, Barbara Zia, and LWVUS Advocacy Committee Chair, Chris Carson, offered a webinar highlighting the basics of the League's program process. The webinar outlined League program from A to Z, including how to use national positions to take action locally.