Federal Role in Public Education Position

The LWVUS Board approved a new Education position at the March 2012 Board meeting. The position is based on responses received from the 377 Leagues across the country who participated in the Education Study. The position states that “the League of Women Voters believes that the federal government shares with other levels of government the responsibility to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12. A quality public education is essential for a strong, viable and sustainable democratic society and is a civil right.”

Public Education Study Consensus Kit

A collection of materials designed to aid League's in their consensus meetings for the Public Education Study. Includes the Leader's Guide, PowerPoint presentations and a word or PDF version of the consensus questions for meeting use.

Leaders' Guide for the Education Study Consensus

This consensus kit contains an introduction to the study process, a timeline for the study, scope of the study, local board information, discussion guide, tips for consensus meetings, discussion points for each question and a glossary. There are also several downloadable tools available.