The LWV Constitutional Amendment Committee will study the process of amending the U.S. Constitution.

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  • New and Updated LWVUS Positions Adopted in 2016
    LWVUS Board and Convention adopted the following positions during the last biennium (2014-2016). Positions on the constitutional amendment process and an update of the Leagues money in politics position were adopted after careful study and consideration by Leagues across the country. Two positions covering redistricting and behavioral health were adopted by consensus at the LWVUS 2016 convention.

Constitutional Amendment Study Guide

The Constitutional Amendment Study Guide includes the Background, Foundation Readings, Consensus Questions, Points of View and Specific References for the questions.

Synopsis of “Constitutional Amendmentitis"


This short paper presents a synopsis of the article, “Constitutional Amendmentitis,” by Kathleen Sullivan that first appeared in the December 19, 2001, issue of The American Prospect, 

Handbook for Successful Consensus Meetings

The Handbook for Successful Consensus Meetings provides an overview of League studies, the role of local League boards and study committees, as well as information on consensus and tips for running a smooth meeting.  It is intended as a resource for local League committees. The Handbook is designed to help you be successful in sharing the materials with your League and conducting productive consensus meetings.