The Money in Politics Committee will conduct an update of the League’s position on campaign finance for the purpose of addressing the lack of member understanding and agreement as to whether financing a political campaign is protected speech under the First Amendment. The campaign finance position will be updated through a study and consensus process to consider: (1) the rights of individuals and organizations, under the First Amendment, to express their political views through independent expenditures and the finance of election campaign activities; and (2) how those rights, if any, should be protected and reconciled with the interests set out in the current position

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  • New and Updated LWVUS Positions Adopted in 2016
    LWVUS Board and Convention adopted the following positions during the last biennium (2014-2016). Positions on the constitutional amendment process and an update of the Leagues money in politics position were adopted after careful study and consideration by Leagues across the country. Two positions covering redistricting and behavioral health were adopted by consensus at the LWVUS 2016 convention.


The MIP Timeline includes a list of a major time points in the Money in Politics Review and Update as well as suggestions on what Leagues can do now.

Suggested Readings on Money in Politics

The MIP committee has developed a list of suggested reading material intended to help League members get started in learning about the complex topic of Money in Politics. This is an initial list designed to orient League members and the general citizenry to the issues. Other suggestions will be added to the list in the future.