High School Voter Registration Training Manual: 2nd Edition

A comprehensive training manual, updated for 2013, which provides a step-by-step guide to help you develop winning high school voter registration programs and encourage young people to register and vote. The guide comes complete with field-tested tips and a range of planning, training, and outreach tools to help you succeed.

Three Steps for a Smooth Election Day

LWVEF urges Leagues to take the following steps to ensure voters are ready for Election Day and are able to overcome any problems they encounter at the polls.

Guidance for Leagues on Candidates Unwilling to Participate in Voter Education Opportunities

Every year Leagues hold hundreds of candidate debates and forums and produce hundreds of voters’ guides across the country to help voters learn about the candidates on their ballot. Unfortunately, there are some candidates that refuse to participate in these voter education activities and call into question the League’s nonpartisanship. Use this guidance and messaging from LWVUS to help shape the public narrative and news coverage of these situations.

Raising Funds for Election Related Activities

Use this new planning guide to raise funds to support your League's important election-year work. From an itemized list of election-year needs, to specific suggestions about garnering support in your community, this resource can help Leagues of all sizes prepare to be active, visible and effective during election time.
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