Like the Our Work section of, this section of the Member Resources site focus on the programmatic work of the League at all levels. This section will be organized by issue or program area and include issue and study related resources like background papers, toolkits, fact sheets and templates. This area will also contain information on how you and your League can take part in various taskforces, programs or program based pass-through-grants.

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  • New and Updated LWVUS Positions Adopted in 2016
    LWVUS Board and Convention adopted the following positions during the last biennium (2014-2016). Positions on the constitutional amendment process and an update of the Leagues money in politics position were adopted after careful study and consideration by Leagues across the country. Two positions covering redistricting and behavioral health were adopted by consensus at the LWVUS 2016 convention.


The Money in Politics Introduction and Overview provides a comprehensive overview of the existing LWV position on Campaign Finance, the proposed update, League action on Campaign Finance, the purpose of a campaign finance system and why Money in Politics matters to the League of Women Voters.

"Electing the President” 2016 Supplement Now Available

The LWVEF has once again teamed up with the Newspaper in Education Institute (NIE) to produce “Electing the President,” a comprehensive supplement designed to help voters, especially young and first-time voters, understand the presidential election process

Money in Politics: Action in the States

This MIP paper highlights components of effective campaign finance reforms at the state and local level since the Citizens United decision in 2010. It covers disclosure; coordination; small donor funded elections; Pay-to-Play; and, oversight and enforcement. A state and local template is posted separately.

Money in Politics State Template of Campaign Finance Regulation

This state by state template was designed as a tool to assist state/local Leagues interested in knowing the status of campaign finance reform legislation in their state. A complete template worksheet for Massachusetts has been provided as a sample for other states. A blank worksheet, with categories for consideration, has been created for each state and the District of Columbia. Just click on the tab with the initials for your state to fill in the relevant information.

Money in Politics: The First Amendment

This Money in Politics paper provides an overview of the 1st amendment as it pertains to campaign finance. An additional section on Freedom of the Press has been