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Face to Face

Face to Face was published by the League of Women Voters of the United States as a guide to help Leagues sponsor and produce effective, fair and interesting candidate debates.

ABC's of a Streamlined League

The League is one organization with three levels. Remember that you have people resources -- from volunteer colleagues such as yourself in other local Leagues to your state League and your LWVUS Board Liaisons. Sharing ideas and supporting each other between levels of the League is an important benefit of belonging to the League! Leadership in the League can be easy and fun! This publication created by the LWVUS Streamlining Committee composed of LWVUS Board Members and Staff will help you make it so.

Leaders Update

The LWVUS Leaders' Updates are sent out weekly to state and local presidents. These updates keep state and local Leagues informed about LWVUS actions, upcoming events, and opportunities. If a link in the updates has broken, please use the 'search' function to find that piece of information