Tentative Dates           Action

Oct. 2012                     Board approves initial study scope, timeline and consensus criteria.

Nov. 2012                    Study chair invites study committee applications.

Nov. 2012 – Jan. 2013          Education Fund Committee interviews applicants and references.

Jan. - Feb. 2013           Education Fund Committee proposes and receives approval of full Board for study committee appointments (via electronic meeting).

Jan. 2013                     Study committee begins meeting, reviews study scope and timeline, and may recommend changes to Feb. Board meeting.

Feb. - Dec. 2013          Study committee prepares or selects study materials, a Leader's Guide, etc. and posts on website. A study forum or discussion list is opened.

Feb. 2013 - April 1, 2014     State and local Leagues may form study committees, examine study materials, hold public meetings, etc.

Nov. 2013                    Study committee proposes consensus questions to the Education Fund Committee, which may discuss them with the study committee, and then propose and adopt them by the Board.

Jan. - April 1, 2014   State and local Leagues hold consensus meetings.

March 2014                Education Fund Committee proposes and Board appoints Member Agreement Committee.

Friday, April 18, 2014  Deadline for consensus reports via electronic survey form only.

April 2014                   Member Agreement Committee decides if consensus was reached, and if so, proposes a new position statement to the Education Fund Committee, which then proposes it to the full Board for adoption.

May 2014                    Consensus result or new position statement is announced before Convention.