Two new reports/tools that maybe helpful and provide interesting data both in the state and federal run insurance markets.

1. Plan Selections by Zip Code in the Health Insurance Marketplace this is a new report: I used it to meet with legislators and inform them via data in their districts of the potential citizens/voters who may qualify for healthcare access insurance if they will allow for some sort of Mediciaid Expansion in our state (Louisiana). We will continue to try and educate not only the legislators but the public so they begin to understand what is happening their own backyards and to their neighbors.

2. DHH Marketplace 2015 Open Enrollment Rept 11.15.2014-2.15, 2015 Recd. 3.10.2015: This report is for state and FMP states.Data is very insightful and useful when speaking/producing reports for others too. Many may already has access to reports but data is always helpful. Again the numbers are helpfull to educate all on how the states are doing. Louisiana had the largest increase in the nation in the FFMP Exchanges this year even with not Expanding Mediciaid just think how successful we could if our leaders would expand the access to the Marketplace. Hawkins, LWVofLA, Healthcare ChairAbita Springs, Louisiana