I am posting this at the request of Marc Kilstein, a producer at the public radio program Humankind. This is related to the Leagues efforts to fight global climate change, to protect our air quality, and to the LWV's Agriculture Update.

The presentation was entitled "The Diet-Climate Connection." It focused on how the foods we eat affect the planet we inhabit, and it was largely based on a public radio documentary--distributed worldwide by NPR--produced by Humankind.

The full two-hour documentary is available for free download at our website: http://www.humanmedia.org/dcc/

We also produced a free informational booklet, "The Climate-Friendly Food Guide," which explains the diet-climate link and explores ways to eat more sustainably. The booklet can be found here: http://www.humanmedia.org/dcc/pdf/foodguide.pdf

We would love to let your members know of these free, readily available resources.

Thanks so much for any and all thought, and feel free to reach out directly to the host of Humankind, David at dfreudberg@humanmedia.org or  617-489-5130.

Hope to be in touch.
All the best,
Marc Kilstein
Associate Producer, Humankind
Email: mkilstein@humanmedia.org