Some members have reported difficulties entering their Agriculture Update consensus reports into the online form. There is no problem with the form as such, but some members do not to understand how to use it.

The questions are presented in an imbedded, scrolling sub-window. If you hover your curser over the sub-window of the form, then you should be able to scroll the sub-window down to see the other questions and the navigation buttons at the very bottom, either by using the scroll wheel of your mouse or by dragging the scroll bar on the right side of the sub-window. You may have to scroll both the main window and the sub-window to see all the questions.

If you completed your report, then you and your League should have received an emailed copy of it. 

Unfortunately, if you entered the consensus report form without completing it, then you are probably locked out, which is a feature used to prevent a League from entering more than one report. If this happens to you, then please send your League ID to staff member Jessica Jones at so she can send to you a special URL that will allow you to complete your consensus report.  


difficulty encountered


Things went along quite nicely through question 2 and all the comments with questions 1 & 2.  Then there was nowhere to go.  All that showed was a list of comments from others expressing their difficulty accessing the rest of the questionaire.  Where did it say to scroll within an area.  I was on a laptop with no roller.  I looked and looked to find a "Next" button or something but all that showed was a "Comment" button.  After some deliberation, I clicked on that and it was all over as far as ever getting back in.  I am quite comfortable on PC's and using various web forms. I have sent a request to Jennifer Jones to let us back in.  We have done a very good consensus and it would be horrible if were not able to submit it.  Even this input to comment is a very strange form and format.





Jane Wanderer