Would the showing of the movie "Dirt: The Movie" (http://www.thedirtmovie.org/) be an appropriate way to draw the public into our Agriculture update?


LWV of the Palatine Area (IL)




When and to whom would you suggest showing it?



When and Whom

I was thinking a movie would be a way of drawing the public into the importance of Agriculture policy. (It could probably present the facts in a more entertaining way than my LWV committee could).  I was thinking we would show it some time in the Fall. When I bring it up on Amazon, that site also suggests the movie "Food Inc." (released in 2009), and "Fresh: New thinking about what you are eating" (released 2009) . I also think "King Corn" (released in 2008) gets the job done. (Dirt was relased in 2010)

I'm wondering which, if any, movie of interest to the public both covers the scope of the study and presents an objectively fair representation of the issues.



Dirt: The Movie

I have not seen this movie, but looked at the trailer. If your board thinks that it is within the Scope of the Ag Update and will help gain visibility in your community, then go for it!

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
former LWVUS Board Member
former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
former LWVUS Board Technology Chair
Portland, OR


Relevant movies

In case you didn't get my previous note (I'm still trying to get comfortable with this format) I viewed the movie "Food, Inc." which portrayed a grim picture of migrant farm workers and the industrial food industry. Don't know if I will ever eat another hamburger again. "Place at the Table" was sold out at a local movie theater last night as a fundraiser for a local food program. Anne Schink LWVME


Movies -- King Korn

Of the movies you list, I have only seen King Korn.  I thought it was good, but it has a definite point of view.  You need to know that going in.  It doesn't make it a deal breaker for me.  It certainly would generate great discussion.

Helen Hutchison

Helen Hutchison

LWV California