i'm interested both for potential/new members and for established members? 




good interest survey

Are you asking your members for their interests?

you bet  

you bet

Interest survey

We have created a two npage form that includes interests on one side and skills and talents on the other.

Good interest survey

Is it a valuable use of time to submit a survey that's likely to only receive a 2% return rate?

Lisa A. Plencner

LWV South Bend Area

Interest Survey

My local league created a short one page survey for members to get ideas on what they would like to see the Board (& League) doing in the upcoming year.  We got about a 40% return...not too bad!  We had questions on programs, member activities and fundraising ideas.

Tracy Adkison

LWVUS Shur Fellow/National Coach

LWVGA 1st Vice President


Interest Survey

Great idea.   We want to update our survey. Hope you receive a lot of good ideas.



good interest survey

Our LL MLD team created a survey for our membership.  Good questions but needs to be re-formatted to be more practical to use.  Can share later when that editing is completed.

on line, on paper, both?

Are you looking for something to use on line?

Share your interest surveys, please!

Even though this is an old thread, I hope that some of the previous posters will be inspired to share your interest surveys.  I suppose it's one of those items that "everyone knows," but it would be helpful to see some examples.

Thanks so much!

Sheila Swearingen, President
LWV Oklahoma


We are interested also.  Could it be sent directly?


We are interested also.  Could it be sent directly?

Converting national membership to local League

We are a MAL and a National member attended a recent meeting.  She would like to be on our membership list.  The state League informed me that there is no way for them to convert her membership to our MAL,and they suggested we have her join at the state level for inclusion in our MAL.  I am not asking her to join twice and hope that someone will have some suggestion as to how to convert her membership.

Converting national membership to local League

  In the past we have had local members "renew"--- by mistake-- upon receiving letters from national.  We could not recover any payments, but included them for the rest of the year on our mailing list for our electronic VOTER.  At no cost to us they were informed of meetings, welcomed to attend programs, join committees, register voters etc. They were not entered into our national database and because of the linkage to our state database did not receive the state bulletin, unless we emailed it to them.  At renewal time we "recovered" them as local members.

Coincidentally, we have had "national" members show up at meetings acknowledging they were "members", but of course we had no record.  We included them in our mailings if they had an interest and renewed them as local members when the time came.


Linda S. Mahan

LWV Larimer County, CO

Ruth S. Shur Fellow/ LWVUS Membership and Leadership Development




Linda Mahan

LWV Larimer County, CO

Member Interest Survey

We have a one page survey which lists committees and issues.  We get about a 40% response rate and then forward those interested to the appropriate committee heads.

Meet Up Groups

Has anyone looked into starting a Meet Up group to attract younger members and newcomers to your community?  It's an online organization that charges about $10 a month but handles a lot of the administrative stuff.  I see a large number of interest groups organize this way. ....JOIN

Just wondering if the home page is creating some confusion.  I've found a few people who enter their name and email address and click "Join", then believe they are a member of the National organization.  Anyone else find this?


JOIN button

The JOIN button has been a problem that led people to think that they had joined the League after really only donating. But this button now leads to a webpage that says:

Welcome to Our Online Community!

To ensure that you receive the latest League news, updates, and other important information, please add and to your email address book or safe sender list.

Want to do more?

This should now be clear that you must join by going to a state or local League.

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
former LWVUS Board Member
former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
former LWVUS Board Technology Chair
Portland, OR

the JOIN button

Thank you, Norman!  Yes, it has been a problem for our League in a couple of situations of which I am aware.
Jane Wanderer, President
LWV Butte County, CA

Jane Wanderer