As a member of the MIP Education Committee, I've come across some very helpful documents regarding what's happening in the states around campaign finance reform efforts and money in politics. One of the most useful, is a report from the Brennan Center for Justice, published in October 2014: After Citizens United: The Story in the States

The majority decision in Citizens United was based on an assumption that the use of outside money would be "independent" and there would be no coordination between outside groups, candidates and campaigns. We now know that this assumption is deeply flawed. With so much outside and unrestricted money now flooding elections at the state and local level, state laws and enforcement practices around coordination can catch violations and address some of the outcomes of the post Citizens United world. 

The Brennan Center report provides an excellent and thorough review of how outside money groups work "hand in glove" with candidates and campaigns to influence election outcomes. The report offers a detailed analysis of the coordination laws and enforcement practices in 15 states, ranging from weak to strong, along with recommendations for effective coordination regulations at the state level. The report can be previewed and downloaded here. Recommended reading for all LWV state Leagues and members! 

Launa Zimmaro, LWVMA and LWV MIP Committee