I have long wondered if the League's adherence to "consensus" for decision-making is not overly wealdy.  As a busy professional, the revisitation and ongoing discussion into even small decisions, can be not just onerous, but unproductive--though with a "feel good" overlay.  The aged, retired, and time-available volunteers controlled the information, and the decision-making in our organization.

I found this information informative and thought-provoking.   http://berkeleyjournal.org/2015/05/the-theology-of-consensus/Ca

I would be grateful for your thoughts.

Eileen Burke-Trent

LWV California




The Foibles of Consensus

I think the Leage is much more structured the Occupy Wall Street.  If a position is not written for a specific bill or referenda but is very broad, there should be no revisitation and ongoing discussion.  A good position can be used for many years unless the issue itself changes.

Jan Flapan, LWV Chicago