I have read several articles and reviews recently about a documentary coming out this week called "A Place at the Table."  This puts the light on the 16% of America that faces "food insecurity" and may go to bed hungry any given night.  A review in the L.A. Times today called my attention to the way government policy reinforces the link between obesity and hunger.  A fast food hamburger will kill the hunger quicker and longer than a fresh ripe peach or a basket of berries.  It will also contribute more to obesity and heart disease.  And it is the one subsidized by government policy--maybe not directly at the point of sale, but the beef and the grain to feed it are.  There is no subsidy for the truck farmer growing peaches or strawberries or carrots or green beans.  

I haven't seen the movie, but hope someone checks it out for how it could apply to the study.  Think we are going to need quite a bit of homework before we can have informed discussions on this topic.



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