The LWVNM board is wondering what we can do at the local level.  President MacNamara's letter to Vice President Biden was written before his report was given and Pres. Obama proposed his desired legislation.  What now? Is there a new statement from LWVUS since the president spoke on this?   Is LWVUS going to make this a lobbying priority?  Are we supporting Obama's legislative goals? What are we going to do about limiting magazine size which was not mentioned in the gun control position?  This is a hot issue and in my opinion needs to be addressed  NOW.

I wish I could say I was feeling even a little bit positive about the new forums, but they certainly don't address my need to communicate with other Leaguers around the country like the Leader Leaders list did.  That was a conversation.  This feels like dropping my words into a hole.

I can't even find anything that says send or submit, and I don't know if this message is sent.



Gun Safety group

Since Gun Safety is now a priority issue, a Gun Safety subgroup has been created under the Social Policy group.

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
former LWVUS Board Member
former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
former LWVUS Board Technology Chair
Portland, OR


BTW - For those doubtful

BTW - For those doubtful about the forum format, just wanted you to know: I suggested having a gun control discussion group and one was set up. It might just be my imagination, but I feel listened to.

gun control discussion group

You said there was a gun control discussion group.

Where is it? Cannot find it on this site.

Marlu Burkamp


League of Women Voters of Araphoe County



Gun Control discussion

In the absence of a clear direction, my instinct is to always encourage a discussion. After all, if members don't like our current stand, there is pleanty of time to put together a proposed change in time for next year's convention. If there was enough interest in a change, it would make a nice energizing activity.

We not only published the LWV stand on gun control on our newsletter, we periotically post articles sumarizing the current state of the proposed solutions on facebook and ask for opinions.

I'd love to hear how other Leagues are handling the issue.

Action on Gun Control at the local level

This is my first visit to the forums, and I share your feelings of loss of communication with others. That said, I'll try posting my first comment.

I, too, am wondering if we'll be getting any direction from National on this issue. I've been asked three times so far if we're going to do anything. I'd like to have some guidance on what to do before jumping in to something and was under the impression we were going to get some after the first of the year. So far, nothing.

Melinda Henderson, President

LWV Lawrence/Douglas County (Kansas)

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Melinda Henderson, President
LWV Lawrence/Douglas County
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Because democ


Wasn't this it?

I understand the "discussion" is moved to were Mr. Turril noted, but wasn't this a discussion?



LWV of the Palatine Area (IL)

Gun control site

Though a gun control discussion site isnot listed under groups the title of this page is entitled Gun Control and notifications are going out (I just received one) so I guess this IS the gun control  discussion group only no one is posting on it



Gun-safety blog


I also can find no discussion group on this site anywhere for gun control issues discussions/ what's going on in individual states.  Initially, I thought this new webbased discussions would be better than the list-serve discussion groups, but so far it's not -- hard to keep  up with any thread, and no clue how to establish one.

There is an "official" blog on gun-safety - link below, but not clear anyone besides national staff can post to it.

This whole new site is obviously a DRUPAL site, and I know from experience with my own website that  they could be doing more linkages and making this easier for us.

Carolyn Lee

LWV Sudbury MA board member