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A local league in Washington wrote to me asking about how to solve the possible problems with having a forum on Gun Issues:



We are looking for a way to deal successfully with bringing a controversial issue into the community for a dialogue.  We have tried to plan such a forum on the issue of gun violence and were warned by everyone approached that this issue was so sensitive that we should expect more angry folks than we could handle.  We cancelled the idea.  But members of the League here want to explore how we might prepare ourselves, structure a discussion and prepare the community for it.  Has any League group done something similar?


Any work happened out there that worked for a local league that has very strong opinions on each side?  Please share!



Kim Abel


Forums on controversial subjects

This is a time when personal courage really counts. If your group doesn't feel safe, then it won't be helpful in creating community dialogue. On the other hand, what better group than the League of Women Voters to convene such a community dialogue. The first thing is to be sure that moderators/faciliators are well-trained and experienced. It would probably help if you worked with a local coalition of groups and hammered out a clear set of expectations and ground rules, giving clear authority to the moderators/facilitators and convenors to end the forum if the rules of civil discourse were not observed. A good strong gavel never hurt either!

Gun Issues

Thanks for this.

This issue just came up yesterday as we planned forums to bring to the public.  It was a very mixed reaction from the 20 or so people attending the meeting.  I think it's an important subject but as you, not sure how to approach it. It's difficult to predict if you could have civil discourse about this topic.  (Civil discourse is our issue for emphasis this year.)

I will forward this to our Voter Service Chair.

Suzanne Carnneiro


League of Women Voters

North County San Diego