One of our local Leagues has asked whether there are models for starting League-affilated groups at high schools or colleges. I think I remember hearing about some, but am not finding anything on the LWVUS website. Any suggestions for the Mesa County League?


Julie Leonard

LWV Colorado


LL Unit at the local university

A student member here in Austin is trying to start a League Unit at the University of Texas. She's having trouble generating interest. I suspect this is something that could get off the ground if there's a hot issue that lends itself to student interest. We're watching the state legislature, now in session, to see what they do about higher ed tuition and other college issues. Maybe we can assemble an advocacy team about something the lege wants to do.

To get this thing started, UT required a letter from President McNamara. LWVUS development folks helped us with that.

Overall, I'd say do this only if you have a student and a local member who are passionate about it. I think it will only work if organizers persist for long enough -- maybe a year or more.


Stewart Snider

LWV Austin



Stewart Snider

Copresident, LWV Austin, TX

High School or College Affiliates

I don't know the answer to your question but am also very interested in learning more about the pros and cons of college affiliates and how to go about establishing them.