I am interest in learning if any local leagues have used technology to enable groups of members to get together.  I am particularly interested in google groups which seems to support a web based forum and a collaborative in box.  Are any leagues using anything like this to connect members with similar interests?


francine Rodger

lwv saratoga county

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Use of technology to enable groups of members

Yes, I am aware of several efforts like you ask about. The LWV of Portland, OR has used Yahoo Groups for a "Virtual Unit" meeting. Both the LWV of North Carolina and the LWV of Idaho have experimented with "virtural" MAL units for scattered members using, email lists and Skype. The Agriculture Update study committee, which I lead, used Google Hangouts video conferencing for most of its many meetings. I have also used Google Groups for another organization.

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
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former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
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Portland, OR


Use of technology for group communication

The California League has a number of listserves -- everything from topical groups (water, healthcare, etc.) to one for voter service, to one for program planning. They provide good forums for sharing ideas and discussing questions.

The Los Angeles League -- and I think there may be others -- use listserves to communicate with members.

Helen Hutchison

LWV California

Helen Hutchison

LWV California