We are looking for resources on local campaign reform ordinances.  Our scope is quite open:  contribution rates, expenditure limits, public matching  restrictions on contractor, developer, and public employee unions, disclosure, reporting -- if there's anything else you have, send it on!  We'd like to hear about it.


Helen Hutchison

LWV California



Local ordinance resources

The Brennan Center has a primer on writing state and local campaign finance laws on their website.


Sally Robinson

New York State President


a link?

would be nice to have the link.  large site.

Carolyn Lee

LWV Sudbury MA board member


Kim Abel

Good Morning Helen, Are you

Good Morning Helen,

Are you talking "local" such as cities, counties and other smaller governmental entities?  

Are you asking about State regulations, some of which in Washington State, affect ALL candidates?


Thanks for any clarification,

Kim Abel


LWVWashington (the great state of)


Local government resources

The request that I have is for city ordinance resources -- we have a local League looking for help in writing something for their city. 

We also have some state regulations which apply to everyone -- cities, counties, etc. -- but then some cities go above and beyond.  We'd like to collect anything that others have on city regulation so that we can provide it to all of our local Leagues -- and, of course, provide it to local Leagues in other states as well!

Helen Hutchison

LWV California


Helen Hutchison

LWV California