As Champion for Coverage partner I was able to attend and represent the LWVLA and LWVST and gain valuable information on updates and changes to the Marketplace, ACA . I learned of how to get help and contacts, the different tools available and more. Example of the new inforamtion includes: Renewal and Auto-Enrollments for those already in the Marketplace need to be rechecked by consumers because plans cost, benefits, provider contracts may be different for the new coverage period. Also the FPL (Federal Poverty Level) adjust each year, check the income levels previously submitted of the applications to avoid lose of credits/subsidies or to get incrase in credits/subsides and even if one can not get a credit/subsidey the Marketplace is open for them to pruchase insurance too. Information and Tips for Assisters who are working with Ameridan Indians/Alaska Natives, citizenship & immigration questions and applications and others. How the Marketplace Casework operates, and the role and functions of the call in centers as well as the Rural Outreach strategy for 2014 and exapnding the connections. Attached is information that you may find helpful that as "Champion for Coveratge" partners we are sent routinely. I share the inforamtion on our facebooks and web sites with our members.

Champions for Coverage:Marketplace Insurance Enrollment Dates Prepare & Get Informed: Starts: November 15, 2014 - Ends: February 15, 2015

Champion Webinar on Rural Outreach and Education on September 17, will be posted to:

Newsletter September 19th :  

Additional updates and materials, including a Champion webinar happening in two weeks, open and see.

Linda Hawkins, LWVLA & LWVST (Louisiana)