I don't see a Spanish language membership brochure from LWVUS.  Does anyone have membership materials in Spanish?



tips for voters brochures

http://lwvcincinnati.org/votinghelp.html  we have a pdf of Consejos para Votantes (Espanol)

We have a brochure in Spanish that lists tips for voters in our area, the link is above.  While this is not a membership brochure, it might be a good place to start to generate interest in LWV.  We looked for help in translating some basic voter service materials.

Sandra Mowell, VP Voter Service, LWV of the Cincinnati Area



Spanish language membership brochure

We could use this as a resource, too.   Please develop one.  Our Latin population is rising and we have a real demand for education/voters service materials (for use in local elections and so on) in Spanish...we need fluent bi-lingual members badly!  


Leagues' Spanish-language membership materials - please post

This would be a wonderful resource.


Sheila Swearingen, President
LWV Oklahoma