I don't see a Spanish language membership brochure from LWVUS.  Does anyone have membership materials in Spanish?


Leagues' Spanish-language membership materials - please post

This would be a wonderful resource.


Sheila Swearingen, President
LWV Oklahoma

Spanish language membership brochure

We could use this as a resource, too.   Please develop one.  Our Latin population is rising and we have a real demand for education/voters service materials (for use in local elections and so on) in Spanish...we need fluent bi-lingual members badly!

tips for voters brochures  we have a pdf of Consejos para Votantes (Espanol)

We have a brochure in Spanish that lists tips for voters in our area, the link is above.  While this is not a membership brochure, it might be a good place to start to generate interest in LWV.  We looked for help in translating some basic voter service materials.

Sandra Mowell, VP Voter Service, LWV of the Cincinnati Area