Farm Bill Monitoring and Individual Participation:

While the Agriculture Update Committee works on material for study and consensus, the next five year Farm Bill is under discussion in Congress, with important ramifications for food and farming in the years ahead. League members are encouraged to follow this discussion and participate as individuals. A good starting point would be this short AP explanation of Farm Bill issues: Q & A: What is the Farm Bill?                                                           

To follow House and Senate discussions of Farm Bill amendments and provisions:

The current League position expresses strong support for “sustainable, regenerative agriculture.”

For a sustainable agriculture view of issues, consider following the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition website:

The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) provides a collective view of the Farm Bill activity and links to individual state-level departments of agriculture that cover a variety of state and national issues:

The Farm Bill Primer is supportive of the Farm Bill overall, but is run by two individuals who do a good job of listing the links to the House and Senate bills, amendments from Committee and on the floor, and the status of each amendment:





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This set of links is particularly useful to those of us trying to follow the agricutlure action and know what to say to our reps and senators.

Carolyn Lee

LWV Sudbury MA board member