As part of the 2014-16 Key Structures of Democracy Money in Politics Review and Update, the Money in Elections Member Discussion Forum will be the central spot for local and state Leagues and members to discuss all aspects of the review – both substantive and procedural.  In early March we will be renaming the forum. Its new name will be the Money in Politics forum.  If you are currently signed up for the Money in Elections forum you will be automatically included in the new Money in Politics forum; all others can subscribe by going to League Forums and signing up for Money in Politics.  As chair of the Money in Politics Committee, I will serve as forum moderator.

We urge League members to sign up for the Money in Politics forum and participate and share their thoughts, experiences and ideas as we review and update the League’s position on Campaign Finance.

Barbara Zia

Chair, LWV Education Fund Money in Politics Committee

LWV Charleston Area, SC