Consensus Question 11 asked about the labeling of foods containing ingredients made using new technologies, gmo's and nanotechnology.  Was there no consensus on that question?  The new agriculture position states that " The League supports consumer education about labeling of foods developed using any new technology." but nothing specifically about labeling these foods.   

My league did much research on new technologies, compared US labeling with EU labeling, and strongly felt that gmo foods should be labeled.  I realize that other leagues may have come to a different conclusion. Can the national Agriculture Committee please provide background on how that position was determined and whether local leagues can advocate for gmo labeling based on the new position. Thank you. 



Including something re GMO's in our new Ag position

Although I have heard some of the reasoning as to why a more definitive statement re GMO labeling was not included in our recent Ag Update position, I really do believe there is a significant concern out there among those who participated in the consensus and it seems that some of us want to pursue it a bit more.  Was the data from the field so balanced, inconclusive, etc. that we cannot come up with something more to say about a concern re GMOs in our foods?  At minimum, I think the national board and national Update Committee owe the state and local Leagues a bit more explanation as to why this was left out of the final update position.  Please?

Jane Wanderer, President
LWV Butte County, CA
ex-officio member of Ag Update local committee

Jane Wanderer


re GMO's in our new Ag position

I can tell you that there was no concensus on Question 11 and that it was not even close. Leagues have a fundimental disagreement about GMO food labeling. However, it was clear from the comments for that question that we do have member understanding and agreement on the need for more consumer education on the subject. As a result we cannot advocate for or against GMO food labeling, but we can advocate for more consumer education in various forms, and we can organize balanced education programs, as we could anyway.

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
former LWVUS Board Member
former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
former LWVUS Board Technology Chair
Portland, OR

Updated Agriculture Position


My statement to Besty Lawson, which was confirmed by her on Aug 12:

"It is my understanding that while we cannot advocate for mandatory labeling, we can advocate for voluntary labeling that provides consumers with information that is helpful to making informed food choices."

Hope this helps.

Linda Hoff, LWV-Flint Area