I have joined some groups in LWV.  But just to put my 2 cents in, I don't think these groups will ge the participation the old system did. For one, nothing comes directly to  my email system.  So I have to :

1) go to the LWV website

2) click on log in

3) log in

4) go to groups

5) pick which group I want to look at

6) for each post in each group, you have to click on the post in order to see it in full - they only show the first line of each post.


This is too much trouble to see something that used to pop up in my email.


Ellen Roston



re groups

Once you have logged in the first time you can put a link to the Forums in your browser's Bookmarks .  After that you can click on the bookmark and it will take you straight to the Forums page.  I just signed up today and have not yet received any notifications but maybe I didn't do it correctly.  I will look at the webinar again. At any rate I hope people won't give up too soon...the reasons for the change seem very sound to me and it is just something we need to learn.

Carolyn Caywood

email notification

My understanding is that we should get an email with the title of the new post and a link to click to go to the post.  However, I have not yet gotten such an email.  I have set up notifications and subscriptions and I don't know what else to do. 



When I first joined the forums, I check boxes for notifications for all the groups I joined, I think w/ a "daily" -- Let me assure you that PLENTY of notifications are coming in -- I'm about ready to turn them off and just go to the forums regularly.


I have not had to re-login since I joined the forums, so it's really easy -- I just have Forums as one of my browser tabs and can go check on things at any time.  And my in-box doesn't have to get inundated.


Carolyn Lee

LWV Sudbury MA Board


Carolyn Lee

LWV Sudbury MA board member


Carolyn Caywood

eating my words

I just got the email notification of the message above.  Clicking the link took me here in one step.  Works just great!  Now, if only I knew which thing I did made that happen...