Does anyone know when the 2012-2014 Impact on Issues will be available? I wanted to give an appointed board member the link for the Impact on Issues and I had to link to the 2010-12 publication and then find the Education and Privatization positions separately.


Sandra Slifer

LWV of St. Tammany, Louisiana




I do not know when a new

I do not know when a new version will be available. However, you may purchase the 2010-2012 version in The League Shop here:

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
former LWVUS Board Member
former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
former LWVUS Board Technology Chair
Portland, OR


New Impact on Issues

In the event this has not yet been answered, the new Impact on Issues will be available at Council 2014.

Impact on Issues

Will there be hard copies we can purchase?  I like to have these for when I am away from my desk.  A printout just doesn't look as professional.

Joanne Leavitt

Santa Monica

Carolyn Caywood

New Impact on Issues?

I try to link every post on our Facebook page to a League position so I use Impact on Issues daily.

Impact on Issues

When will the new issue be available.