Our state (MN) just passed online voter registration.  Any tips/suggestions from Leagues in states where this is already in place would be greatly appreciated.





Online voter registration

California has had online voter registration since September 2012. It was a wonderful success for the November 2012 election. A large number of people used the registration -- and, even better, they had a very high voting rate.

A lot of groups -- including the League -- have widgets (created by Rock the Vote) on our websites linking to the online registration website. You can see it the League's here:

I'm not sure what more is to say. It works well. Promote it. Be a cheerleader for it.

Helen Hutchison

LWV California

Helen Hutchison

LWV California


Online voter registration

Oregon has had online voter registration for a few years now. It does not eliminate the need for voter registration drives, such as in high schools, but it can help tremendously. You can take a laptop with you and register people on the spot! No ID or further expense needed.

Norman Turrill
LWV of Oregon Board Member
former LWVUS Board Member
former LWVUS Agriculture Update Chair
former LWVUS Board Technology Chair
Portland, OR

Online Voter Registration

   Lori -- may apologies for such a delayed response as I am just now making this connection.  South Carolina has online Voter registration as well. Consequently, we developed this buisness  card to distribute to high school students and hand out at events.  It has been a big hit.

   Sorry -- I can't seem to copy the image of the card into this email.  If you email me directly, I would be happy to share.  These are very inexpensive at Vista Print.


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