Has any local League had experience with privatization of library services?  We have sent a letter to the chair of the county commission outlining the league's position and he will be addressing our general meeting later this month.  Would appreciate knowing if privatization has been a good or bad experience.



Privatization of libraries

What has been the experience in California with LSSI taking over some of the systems there?


American Library Association Position

A few years ago, the Leagues of Women Voters of Broward and Palm Beach Counties began a dicussion on privatization. One subgroup topic was privatization of public libraries. We looked at the American Library Association's then position on privatization which is found within its publication "Keeping Public Libraries Public: A Checklist for Communities Considering Privatization of Public Libraries." It states, "In 2001, after considering the issues of outsourcing and privatization, ALA Council voted to adopt the following policy:       'ALA affirms that publicly funded libraries should remain directly accountable to thepublic they serve. Therefore, the ALA opposes the shifting of policymaking and management oversight of library services for the public to the private for-profit sector.'" I found the above document to be an excellent resource. It's available at http://www.ala.org/tools/sites/ala.org.tools/files/content/outsourcing/REVISEDSEPT2011_ALAKeepingPublicLibraries%20PublicFINAL2.pdf

--Adrienne Biblo Kaltman






Privatization of Libraries

Adrienne, thanks so much.  One of our League members just sent me the same link.  Did you every reach any consensus in the Broward/Palm Beach joint effort?   Hope all is well in south Florida.