Has your League ever offered an internship? Tell us about it!

Did you have college interns or high school interns? What sort of projects did they work on? Do you have any recommendations for other Leagues thinking about having an intern?




The Florida League has had interns for the past three years. Our executive director advertises at local universities, and also speaks to professors in the area of political science and women's studies to identify top prospects. We do not pay our interns, though we would like to!, but they have been hugely helpful in all kinds of areas, and we have hired a number of them for full or part time positions, having had the opportunity to screen and train them due to our Executive Director's excellent supervision.

If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend you get in direct touch with our Executive Director for her job description and recommendations on how to make this the most successful experience for the intern and for your league. We have anywhere's from one to three at any given time.

Florida Executive Director: Jessica Lowe Minor


phone 850 224 2545

Good luck!
Deirdre Macnab, Florida State President

Deirdre Macnab

State President, League of Women Voters of Florida


paid v. unpaid internships

The Fair Labor Standards Act has reasonably strict criteria for determining whether an internship can be unpaid.  Essentially an internship can be unpaid only if it is a training experience and the employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the trainees, and on occasion the employer's operations may actually be impeded.  Nonprofits that count on volunteers can have volunteer intern.  For helpful details see Legalities of Nonprofit Internships at http://www.blueavocado.org/content/legalities-nonprofitinternships                 Linda Krefting, LWVTexas                                                                                                                             



The Illinois League used college-age interns during the time they were leading a statewide coalition on tax reform.  The interns did research, worked with partners, organized files, helped with PR, etc.  One issue for Leagues thinking about having an intern is that you need to know what you want the intern to do, be willing to teach and supervise, and when the internship is over, give an evaluation to the student and/or the school.