"Lewis and others said the next logical step would be to study potential strategies for coping with rising waters and sinking lands, a one-two punch that makes Hampton Roads the second-most-vulnerable area to floods and storm surge in the nation behind New Orleans.    The report says those strategies are proving effective in other parts of the world, such as Asia and Europe, though they often are expensive, controversial and time consuming. They include constructing sea walls and berms, passing zoning laws to discourage development in flood-prone areas, physically raising streets and infrastructure, and installing giant pumps and other stormwater-control devices."   http://epilot.hamptonroads.com/Olive/ODE/VirginianPilot/LandingPage/LandingPage.aspx?href=VmlyZ2luaWFuUGlsb3QvMjAxMy8wMS8xMg..&pageno=MTE.&entity=QXIwMTEwMQ..&view=ZW50aXR5  STATE MUST TAKE LEAD IN FIGHTING SEA LEVEL RISE  Higher waters and sinking lands leave Hampton Roads vulnerable  By Scott Harper,  The Virginian-Pilot  The report cited: Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia by Virginia Institute of Marine Sciencehttp://leg2.state.va.us/dls/h&sdocs.nsf/4d54200d7e28716385256ec1004f3130/43c5b6688601e52c852579c900531e82?OpenDocument   Carolyn Caywood, LWV-SHR



repetitive flooding

This is a topic that impacts a lot of us who live near the coasts. Louisiana has one of the highest rates of repeitive flooding FEMA claims. The process the State has put in place in order to get grants for raising people's homes is cumbersome and slow and there was a "flood" (no pun intended) of unscrupulous companies who signed up to raise homes. The state would have benefited if they'd use our Privatization Study! The State does have a Master Plan for the Coast. There is a link to the plan on our website: http://lwvofst.org -- just scroll down and its in the Spotlight.

It seems as if governments want to deal with flooding/sea level rise by "building something". It's a lot harder to get people to talk about relocation, raising homes, rebuilding islands, etc. I live in a raised home and love it!

Figured out how to add  a link. This kind of reminds me of MailChimp. I hope people on the climate change email list give the forums a chance.

Hope you'll continue to update about the status of your study.


Sandra Slifer

LWV of Louisiana

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