Has anyone surveyed members about their satisfaction with their League, or tried to survey past members about why they dropped their membership? One of our local Leagues would appreciate hearing about your experiences, and seeing any sample surveys you'd be willing to share.


Julie Leonard

LWV Colorado



Mess up your data?

I see this was posted for your membership in Sept. If we take the survey to see it, will it mess up your data?


Marti Stamper

LWV of the Palatine Area (IL)


member Google forms surveys

We have use membership surveys to get a sense of what our membership wanted. I think you can get access to our brainstorming survey about meeting ideas at:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvHQkz3ITxV2dEZRc1NlcjhTb3VBRjFhSjhwUk9aZkE#gid=0  (click on the heading “form” then “go to live form” to see what it looked like. We also did one on specific preferred meeting ideas at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvHQkz3ITxV2dG96d1FKRmxEeDdiYmZFeUdZVDBta3c#gid=0   and our most recent one was on Annual meeting preferences at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvHQkz3ITxV2dDRVcWtxMFZYRVZrb2xtOGVvbkpob3c#gid=0   Those that ventured to try it thought the process was easy to complete and they thought it was quite fancy (ok – we’re old, it was actually quite easy to set up). 

I can give you one tip. Always make room for a “paragraph” answer. Those that join the league tend to have something extra to add that you cannot anticipate.

Good Luck in your efforts. It sounds like a great idea. If it works out, would you mind sharing with this list...I meant forum what you come up with?




member survey

Here's the link to the member survey we posted on the LWV Metro Columbus (OH) site.  Hope it helps.  http://www.lwvcols.org/theleague/displaynews.php?id=396




Thank you, Marti, from both me and the the local League that was looking for sample questionnaires. 


"exit" surveys

I too am interested in getting any surveys given to people who've dropped out.  We seem to get as many people leaving each year as new members and we want to find out a little more about what prompted them to drop out-- many do so after only being members 1-2 years and we barely have time to get in touch with them before they are out.  Any ideas would be helpful. 

EIleen Olmsted, Co President

LWV Greater Pittsburgh PA



Surveys on drop outs

I don't expect a very high response rate from drop-outs -- even lower than the typical low numbers for any type of survey that is not of immediate interest to the recipient.



Carolyn Lee

LWV Sudbury MA board member





I am fooling around with the comment form.



Marlu Burkamp


League of Women Voters of Araphoe County