Nicholas Kristof's column in 5/28 NYT gives specific examples of the money problem and shows how one executive order could change things before 2016.  Maybe LWV should push President Obama to do this!


Lonni Skrentner

President LWV Edina, MN

Member of LWVUS Money in Politics Committee



Where does LWVUS stand on executive order/fed contractors?

The Brennan Center for Justice and the Campaign Legal Center have been actively urging the President to sign an executive order on disclosure of political expenditures by federal contractors for several months. Fifty organizations signed a letter sent to the White House on March 2nd, urging the President to do so. The League was not one of the 50 signatories. Was the League not asked to sign? Did the League decline to sign? Where is the League on this issue? Many of us would like to know. This is something we could and should all rally around to support through our state and local Leagues.

Launa Zimmaro