We in Washington are wondering how other states manage Unit-At-Large finances.

Does your state League have any UALs or MAL units, and if so what is their financial relationship with the state League? Does the state League bank their funds for them? Do they have a checking account?

We would appreciate any details you may be able to share.

Many thanks in advance,



Laura Cava Northrop

Executive Director

LWV Washington


MAL finances

In Illinois, l MAL units have their own checking and  savings accounts and can do fundraising.  The state League collects their dues and pays their PMP to LWVUS.  . Jan Flapan, LWV Chicago


Member at Large Unit finances

Hi, Laura:

LWV of NJ policy states the following about what we call MAL (Member at Large) Units:

They cannot write checks. Five dollars from their dues and any monies collected above dues will be held in a special LWVNJ account and disbursements made for them upon the advice of their state liaison. 



Thanks so much, Ed.