I am not sure if this forum is still active, but I am looking for advice on using the LWVUS position on federal agriculture policies to oppose state level policy initiatives, and I am cross-posting this in a couple of forums.

In Oklahoma, we would like to send out an action alert on an initiative working its way through our legislature that would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to insure the so-called "Right to Farm."  If this resolution is passed in the legislature, it would go on the ballot in November. 

I believe that Leagues in other states have worked to oppose this same (ALEC) legislation or initiative.

The LWVUS position on federal agriculture policies states, in part,

"Clean air and water regulations should apply to all animal and aquaculture production and processing facilities, and not just to the very large confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).  Such regulations should be designed in a manner that takes into account environmentally sound technologies and the scale of the operation being regulated. Small size operations should not be granted automatic exemption from regulation. 

The League believes that government regulatory agencies dealing with animal and aquaculture production should have adequate authority and funding to 1) enforce regulations and 2) gather information that supports monitoring the impacts of all animal feeding and aquaculture operations on human and animal health and the environment."

Can anyone provide advice about using this to oppose the "Right to Farm" initiative?


Sheila Swearingen, President
LWV Oklahoma