Will there be a webinar to help answer questions people have about the Money in Politics Review before release of the study guide and consensus questions?

Lynn Gordon Fenster, LWVOC


Barbara Zia

Thanks for your question and

Thanks for your question and interest, Lynn. We are planning a webinar to give the basics on how to participate in a national study, as well as to orient Leagues to the Constitutional Amendment Study and Money in Politics Review and Update. A date has not been scheduled for the webinar, but please watch for it in the weekly League Update. The MIP Committee is developing education resources for Leagues to use for member and community meetings and to prepare members for the MIP consensus process. These 'Meeting(s) in a Box' materials will available on our webpage and include an optional reading list (already posted), a Power Point presentation and script, issue papers, meeting ideas, and much more. Be looking for these resources at http://forum.lwv.org/category/member-resources/our-work/money-politics-r....

Barbara Zia

Chair, Money in Politics Review Committee

Barbara Zia
LWVUS Director
Chair, Money in Politics Committee
Member, LWV Charleston Area, SC