"When it comes to water management, Americans are starting out way behind. Not only is there continuing denial about the growing risk and severity of flooding – especially as it relates to climate change – but in a large country such as ours, huge swaths of people can ignore the problem altogether. And our governmental structure, says Morris, reinforces the fragmented attitude.

“In the U.S., because of the way federalism works, it makes it more difficult for the U.S. to have an applied holistic approach,” he says. The scarcity of financial resources makes a concerted effort even harder to achieve, as competing interests clutch at every one of the dwindling dollars Washington is handing out. Coordination seems laughably out of reach for Americans.

"But the Dutch approach is about much more than engineering. It’s about governance, openness to new ideas, flexibility, and a willingness to realize that sometimes, when the common good is threatened, stubborn individualism is useless."


Carolyn Caywood, LWV-SHR Virginia  (yes, Norfolk!)